Stovetop Burrito Recipe

We spent Memorial Day weekend with seven other families camping in South Dakota's Black Hills and Badlands. It was our family's first camping trip! 

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By far, the easiest (and tastiest) meal we made during our camping trip was burritos using Mostly Made Enchilada Filling

I heated one package of Mostly Made Enchilada Filling in a pan for a few minutes and spooned it into tortillas with cooked rice and shredded cheese. It was simple, quick and the kids loved it. Actually, we all loved it!

It's perfect for camping because everything is pre-cooked (no raw meat!), it keeps dirty dishes to a minimum and, if you pack the Enchilada Filling frozen, it acts like another icepack helping your cooler stay chilled.

Kid approved dinner

Happy Camper Stovetop Burrito Recipe
You'll Need:
1 package of Mostly Made Enchilada Filling (22-oz)
6 whole wheat tortillas (8" in diameter)
2 cups cooked brown rice
2 cups shredded cheese (one bag)

1. Empty the Enchilada Filling into a skillet and cook until hot, stirring occasionally
2. Spoon filling into tortillas with 1/3 cup cooked rice and cheese
3. Roll-up and eat!

Serves 4 
Cook time: 8 minutes
Buy Enchilada Filling HERE 

If you want to avoid doing dishes entirely, you can submerge the un-opened bag of Enchilada Filling in boiling water until heated through. Mostly Made is packaged in a BPA-Free boil-in-a-bag pouch.

Burrito is kid-approved

Enchilada Filling makes a easy camping dinner

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