Baked Ham and Cheese Sandwiches

These sandwiches have been my mom's potluck go-to for 35 years. They were always a huge hit and a great way to feed a crowd.

The original recipe is from a handwritten note card that was bundled in a stack of other family favorites with a rubber band in my mom's kitchen drawer.

Don't try and substitute the for whole wheat or something. The pumpernickel is what makes this sandwich magnificent. 

You'll need:

1 large loaf Pumpernickel (1-lb loaf, sliced)
1.75 lbs sliced ham
16 slices of cheddar cheese, sliced (about 1/2 a pound)
1/2 cup butter, melted
1 tsp garlic, minced (1 clove)
3 Tb Parmesan cheese, finely grated
1/2 tsp black pepper

1. Preheat oven to 350°.

2. On a baking sheet, assemble the sandwiches; folding 2 slices of ham around the cheese to make a little pouch. Stack the sandwiches like the original loaf. 

3. Melt the butter and stir in garlic, Parmesan, and black pepper. Drizzle over the top, the middle, and separate the bread to drip some butter in between.

4. Wrap sandwiches in aluminum foil and place on a baking sheet.

5. Bake for 25 minutes. Serve immediately.

Serves 12 people
Prep time 25 minutes
Bake time 25 minutes

ham and cheese sandwich

ham and cheese sandwiches with melted garlic butter