My favorite salad

If you have ever eaten dinner at my house, I probably served this salad. I eat it almost every day. It's got the perfect balance of sweet fruit, crunchy nuts, and pungent cheese. I use whatever fruit is in season. Plus, I can toss it together in minutes for a quick side dish or lunch. 

You'll need
- Spring green salad mix
- Sliced pear, apple or blueberries
- Pecans
- Blue cheese crumbles
- Salad Girl Blueberry Basil dressing
- Bacon crumbles (option...but pretty awesome)

1. Toss salad greens with Salad Girl Blueberry Basil dressing. Top with sliced pear, pecans, blue cheese, and bacon. 

* Pro-tip from Pam Powell, founder of Salad Girl: if you are making a large salad to feed a crowd, layer it like a lasagna! Start with the greens, the dressing, the nuts, fruit and cheese. Then make another layer of greens + toppings; and another depending on how many people you are serving. This evenly distributes the goodies without having to toss the salad. Plus, it prevents all the good stuff from falling to the bottom of the bowl! 

Prep time: 5 minutes
Serves: unlimited; scale to fit your crowd!


I always hated the taste (and ingredients) in store-bought salad dressings and insisted on making my own. As a result, I rarely ate salads!

Then I met Pam from @thesaladgirl at a demo and tasted her fresh dressings. Salad Girl is the only brand I buy and I always have at least one in the fridge so I can put together a quick salad. You can find Pam's dressings in the produce aisle of most Midwest grocery stores.