Beans, beans the magical breakfast

One sluggish morning I needed inspiration on what to feed two kids who suddenly hated scrambled eggs, and yogurt, and peanut butter, and oatmeal, and fruit and every other food they have previously liked. 

As I rummaged through cupboards, I saw a can of baked beans. I used to savor English Breakfast: sausage, fried egg, buttered toast, baked beans and black tea – maybe not so much the blood pudding – but the rest was pretty great.

My kids liked baked beans at BBQs so figured I'd give it a shot. They loved beans and toast so much it has become part of our regular breakfast menu rotation. And that's the story of how I saved breakfast and made it to preschool drop-off on time...on this particular day. 

This "recipe" is so easy that I debated whether I should even publish it. My dear neighbor Kat (hi Kat!) suggested I share this breakfast idea because it's so easy and her kids also love it. Beans and toast is a favorite combo in England, so I am by no means claiming this as an original recipe or even as a unique idea. It's just something that worked for us.

Beans and Toast Recipe:
1 can of vegetarian baked beans
Bread, toasted
Fried egg, optional

Directions: Toast the bread and heat the baked beans, or just spoon them from the can directly onto the toast...I'm not going to judge. Top with a fried egg, if desired.

- Vegetarian baked beans are best. The bacon/meaty beans don't pair as well with the bread. 
- I choose beans with less added sugar. It's not sugar-free, but it's high in protein, fiber and full of veggie nutrition. 
- Why do kids like it? The sweetness of the baked beans soaks into the bread to make a hearty, easy breakfast. If you add a fried egg, the yoke drips into the baked beans to create a sweet and creamy sauce that even my yoke-hating kids enjoy.