How we got to homemade.

Converting my home recipes into 'formulas' for large-scale manufacturing was a challenging process. Here's how we kept the whole-ingredients and kept-out the artificial stuff.

In early April 2017 I received the very first samples from the producer. As I left their parking lot with 8 lbs of Lasagna and Enchilada filling in a Colman Cooler on the front-seat, I began to worry. 

A few months earlier I had given the copacker my homemade recipes. As I would learn, converting those recipes for a huge 1150-lb kettle would be a process. 

I'm not a food scientist. How was I supposed to taste them and provide technical feedback? I don't have a laboratory or focus groups. Cooking in my home kitchen and serving friends and family was how I created the recipes in the first place. I was feeling overwhelmed. Since my homemade approach worked initially, I realized it could work now too.

So I invite Kickstarter backers over for a party! Luckily, around 2 dozen backers were happy to oblige. They sampled different recipes and completed questionnaires. After 3 tasting parties, the producer's batch rated higher than my own homemade version! 

Taste our final products for yourself! Order HERE.

Tasting party with Kickstarter backers

Taste test for Mostly Made

Taste test crockpots

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J. Kurt Schreck

Great story… see we’re not too scary!!!

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