Quick rice pudding

Whenever I make stir fry or curry, I get carried away with the rice. After all, it's better to have a few extra cups than to run out. 

My favorite way to use up leftover rice is with this easy rice pudding. It's literally so easy it's not really a recipe at all. 

You'll need:
1/4 cup rice (brown or white, just not wild)
1/2 cup vanilla yogurt

1. Put it in the bowl you plan to eat it out of and swirl it together. Make it extra nice with a topping of frozen berries.

Rice has a subtle snap of sweetness that complements the creamy, slightly sour vanilla yogurt. The consistency is identical to the real rice pudding desert, but without the cream, egg yokes, sugar and all the dirtying of dishes you'd create to cook it.

This is a favorite breakfast and snack for my kids, who overcame their resistance to the lumpy texture after a few trials. You could also use leftover quinoa, but you'll be pushing it with your kids due to the extra bitterness.