Magic wand craft

You guys!!!! These magic wands are so fun to make! My kids can't wait to throw down their backpacks and start painting wands -- they'd rather decorate wands than watch TV!

These are an awesome party favor, Harry Potter accessory, allergy-friendly treat, or craft for a Halloween class party. Have an adult apply the hot glue design and allow kids to select their wand, add beads, and start painting.

Luckily these are very easy; which is ideal because I am not a crafty person, don't own a sewing machine, and can't draw. Here's how to make them! 

You'll need:
chop sticks (I bought these)
hot glue gun and 3 or 4 hot glue sticks (10" size)
beads, plastic spiders, buttons, small skulls
acrylic paints: brown, black, white
metallic paint: gold and copper

1. Use a hot glue gun to attach a bead or skull
💀to the wide end of the chopstick. With hot glue, draw patterns like dots, spirals and twists up the chopstick. Stick beads, buttons, or spiders into the hot glue.  An adult should do this portion since the hot glue has a tendency to drip and potentially burn.

2. Once glue has dried, cover thoroughly with acrylic paint (brown, black, white) and allow to dry.

3. Use a fan brush to apply a teeny bit of metallic paint. Brush over the hot glue bumps to enhance the design. Don't forget the metallic paint -- that's what makes it magic!

 how to make Harry Potter magic wands from chop sticks

easy magic wand craft
Makes 20 magic wands

Time: hours of fun but not, I kinda want to make more wands right now

Cost: ~$20 ($7 chopsticks, $11 on paints, $2 on skulls). I raided the junk drawer for beads. Since we only used a little paint we have lots left for other projects.

Environmental impact: minimal