The best gluten-free breadcrumbs

I have been gluten-free since 2009 when my dentist suggested I try an elimination diet to resolve joint pain and fatigue. I don't have any official medical diagnosis confirming a gluten allergy or intolerance, but it seemed to work for me so I kept it up.

I am pretty good at adapting recipes to be gluten-free. The one thing that never quite turned out were breaded recipes. I tried numerous work-arounds to create a suitable gluten-free alternative to panko bread crumbs, generally this meant grinding up the reserved heels from gluten-free bread. But the end result was always soggy. 

I found a near perfect panko alternative in the cereal aisle. Use a food processor to pulverize a gluten-free crispy rice breakfast cereal and add desired seasonings for an incredibly simple, crispy gluten-free panko crust. 

- Crispy rice cereal (Gluten free).

A GF Rice Crispy's or Rice Chex will work well. Pulse a few times in the food processor and use as a substitution in any recipe calling for breadcrumbs. 

rice crispy cereal