Pasta Bolognese

You'll need:
1 package Mostly Made Lasagna Filling
2 cups crushed tomatoes
1 lb spaghetti 
Parmesan cheese (to serve)

1. In a 4 quart sauce-pan, combine the the crushed tomatoes and Mostly Made Lasagna Filling. Simmer over low heat and stir regularly until hot and bubbling. 

2. Cook the spaghetti per package directions. 

3. Drain pasta then top with sauce. Serve with grated Parmesan cheese.

Prep time: 2 minutes
Cook time: 12 minutes
Serves 4 people ($3.20 each)


Mostly Made Lasagna Filling: $12.99
Spaghetti: $1.00
Crushed Tomatoes: $1.49
Parmesan: $0.50
Total meal cost: $15.98
Cost per person: $3.20

 frozen lasagna filling