Why does the box say keep refrigerated but the inner pouch says Keep Frozen?
Our products are stored frozen and each box is stickered with a "best by" date once they are put in the refrigerated case. This is similar to what stores do with other deli products, such as grab & go sandwiches.

So, long story short, because our products are stored frozen, the USDA requires us to print "Keep Frozen" on the inner pouch. As long as you keep the products refrigerated and consume by the "best by" date sticker on your box, you can enjoy your easy meal! 


What does your Best By date mean and how do you come up with the Best By date?
We use a special technique to remove oxygen from the pouch and then seal it – this gives it a long shelf-life with no preservatives. Our "best by" date is determined to ensure peak quality and fresh taste (but rest assured, our products are laboratory tested to be safe to eat long after the stickered "best by" date). 

I didn't eat my Mostly Made refrigerated meal in time and now it's past the "Best Buy" date. Should I throw it away or can I eat it?
It depends. Our products are laboratory tested to be safe to eat about 20 days beyond the stickered Best By date. However, the quality may not be as good if you consume it too far beyond the "best by" date. For instance, the veggies might not be as crisp, the color may be off, and the flavors might not taste as fresh. As always, fully cook meal until it reaches 160°. 

How do I defrost my Mostly Made meal if it’s frozen?
Mostly Made is packaged in a boil-in-a-bag sleeve to make defrosting quick and easy. There are three easy ways to thaw:
1. Soak: Remove the cardboard box and submerge the unopened bag in a clean pan of hot tap water for 10 minutes.
2. Microwave the pouch for ~2 minutes.
3. Refrigerate: Place frozen Mostly Made filling in the refrigerator about 8 hours to thaw.

Can I use just part of the package?
Indeed! Run the package under hot water for a minute to soften the frozen product, then break off the amount of filling you need. Store the rest in a sealed container in the freezer or for 7 days in the refrigerator.

Do you ship the meals?
We are no longer able to ship our products, but you can find them at some midwest grocery stores: Find a Store. Find Mostly Made at Lakewinds, Kowalski's, Festival Foods, select Coborn's and more.

How do I prepare my meals?
You can create multiple recipes for each Mostly Made flavor. Check our recipe blogs for ideas:
Enchilada Filling recipes 
Lasagna Filling recipes 
Shepherd's Pie Mix recipes

Where do I buy the other ingredients needed to prepare Mostly Made recipes?
The ingredients can be found at any grocery store. Most ingredients (like spaghetti sauce, tortillas and enchilada sauce) can be stored in the pantry or fridge until you are ready to make dinner. Add fresh veggies like sliced tomato, radishes, avocado, basil, chives or cilantro for a boost of flavor. 

How long can I store unopened Mostly Made fillings?
If unopened, Mostly Made fillings will last for 18 months or more in the freezer. You can store unopened fillings in the refrigerator for up to 7 days.

How long will leftovers last?
It depends on what other fresh ingredients you used to prepare your dinner, but in general, eat leftovers within 2 days and always reheat them to 160° F.

Is your packaging recyclable?
Parts of it are! Our grocery store carton is recyclable; it's made of 15% post consumer recycled paper and can be recycled with other paper products.

The BPA-free plastic boil-in-a-bag is not recyclable. We researched for months, but were unable to find a compostable "plastic" bag that could be used safely. If you know of one that works, please let us know! We'd love to discuss! 

What do I do if it is too spicy?
The best part about Mostly Made is that you can customize it! 

For the Enchilada, use a mild enchilada sauce (or no sauce), add cooked rice, refried beans, and plenty of cheese. Serve with sour cream and avocado. Try the recipe for
Crispy Tortilla Cups and serve with sour cream and guacamole.

For the Lasagna, mix in more crushed tomatoes, more noodles or even add some cooked ground beef. 

Do you sell the other ingredients I need—like a meal kit?
We do not...but that's a very good suggestion. Maybe someday we'll offer that. But for now, you can enjoy Mostly Made with your favorite fresh ingredients.  

How is Mostly Made different from meal delivery services?
Unlike meal kit services, Mostly Made products are fully cooked and do not require chopping or lengthy prep. We also do not include additional ingredients like tortillas, cheese, or noodles; but you can pick-up your favorite fresh items from the grocery store.

Can I return the product if I change my mind?
Please let us know if there is a problem so we can make it right; such as a damaged product. You can contact us HERE or send an email to admin@mostly-made.com.

Are your products gluten-free?
Yes! Mostly Made products are all gluten-free and we test each batch to make sure. Our gluten-free certification is to 10 PPM – below the FDA’s recommended standard level of 20 PPM. 

Are your products free of allergens?
Check each package label to ensure it's safe for you. We don't use ingredients like wheat, soy, or nuts; but our products are produced in a facility that processes other allergens. Our production facility is SQF certified (the highest safety rating) and carefully cleans their equipment between runs. 
Mostly Made products are gluten-free and we test each of our batches to make sure. 

Where can I learn more about your company?
Gosh, we're flattered! Thanks for asking! You can learn more about our company from the Our Story page HERE. Follow our updates from FacebookInstagram or LinkedIn. We've also been in the news! See an interview with our founder HERE.